In our gym you will not have to fight for dumbbells, machines or have to sweating among a lot of people. You train near the sea, in a quiet environment and close to the jogging track.

Among our training equipment there are exercise bike, cross trainer, rowing machine, treadmills, gyms, dumbbells, barbells and yoga mats.  To gain access to the room you need to have a  *gym membership and a **key to the front door.

*Deposit of 50 SEK, returnable at return of card.

**Required only during low season, 200 SEK deposit, returnable at return of key.



One time training          45 SEK

1 month-card                200 SEK

10 occasions-card         400 SEK

3 months-card              400 SEK

6 months-card              700 SEK

Whole year-card           900 SEK